Glut of Arab-African men ruining quality of life in Germany

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2016-01-22 13:23

The public indoor swimming pool in Bornheim where migrant men were temporarity banned for sexual harrassment of women, but have now been allowed to return.

Wherever migrants are living, they (wrongly) enjoy all the rights of citizens … and then some. Because they also get free food and lodging, plus an allowance for “spending money.” The young single men lounge about all day in public places with nothing to do. For public facilities like swimming pools, this is posing a problem.

Throughout Germany, there are complaints about the misconduct of asylum seekers in indoor pools. Indoor pool video surveillance cameras have even shown a man masterbating in the hot tub-spa in Zwickau.

Last week in Bornheim, a town in the liberal North Rhine-Wesfalia state, officials banned migrant men from the town swimming pool. The reason: sexual harassment of women and children.

As always, certain people raised a rukus and accused the town of racism, etc. – ludicrous, stupid talk. These type of “Germans” do not care about German people at all, only about moving forward the ultra-liberal/communist agenda of one-worldism.

A spokesman for the German Society for Bathing came out against a general ban on male refugees, and said it was questionable whether such a ban is practically enforceable and legally tenable. [What a dumb argument; of course it is.]

The city Bornheim stated that the refugees had identity cards, with which they had been able to come cheaper than regular residents to the swimming pool. From these cards they could be recognized and refused entry. "It's just too important that women do not have to listen to any obscene remarks," the city official said. [Well, I guess so!]

The city had banned refugee men over 18 years from access to the indoor swimming pool because an increasing number of visitors and employees had complained about sexual harassment by men from a nearby asylum seeker accommodation. It had not risen to the level of crime, said Bornheim Social Councillor Markus Schnapka. [To a 'do-gooder' nothing these people do is criminal]

Now the ban has been lifted. The mayor Wolfgang Henseler explained on Friday in an interview with the Bonn "General-Anzeiger" newspaper that on Monday, the management board will deliberate about strategies to change the behavior of the foreign men. [Good luck with that!]

Trouble in Leipzig

Now the Schwimmbad problem has broken out in Liepzig and Zwickau with even worse results.

The Epock Times reports today that Leipzig City Council admits that there are cases of asylum-seekers trying to 'penetrate' female bathers in the swimming pools.

For several weeks there has been "increased violations of bathing rules by young male swimmers with an immigrant background," said City Hall spokesman Volker Rasch, according to the Leipziger Volkszeitung (LVZ). Rasch reported noise, risky behavior in and around the pool, but also the "disregard for the privacy of women."

The violators are mostly of Arab or North African origin, the spokesman said. The men would deliberately enter the women's shower room and seek physical proximity to the women.

Furthermore, there are sexual assaults or rapes that were not previously reported.

The incidents occurred both from small cliques as well as from larger groups of up to 30 people!

Sometimes the refugees were accompanied by caregivers, who were unable to prevent the incidents.[Naturally. That's the nature of caregivers] The paper said some men who had no bathing suit   have gone into the water with street clothes or underwear. The bathrooms were left in disorder and they had disregarded the instructions of the staff, particularly those of female lifeguards.

Since an undisturbed bathing is increasingly difficult to ensure, the indoor swimming pools fear a lack of bathers. In order to counteract this, there are now bathing rules posted in English. In addition, there will be multilingual information material for general behavior. Even video surveillance at the entrance is being planned, as they told the newspaper. "A standard exclusion of bathers is not intended". [But that's what must be done. Why should these horrible young men get to play around at a swimming pool all day at German taxpayer's expense? The German “official” is the greatest coward and brainwashed “chump” in the world.]

Even masterbation and elimination takes place

In Zwickau the outrage is rising over the misconduct of migrants: They have been accused, when at the swimming pools of the city, of harassing women, using the children's pool as a toilet and of publicly masturbating. In addition, the men had tried to storm a women's locker room.

"An asylum seeker has masturbated in the hot tub and ejaculated into the basin. This is also recorded on the surveillance camera." So says an urgent letter of 19 January from the clerk's office manager Rainer Kallweit, who spoke to the Bild newspaper. The migrant was removed from the bathhouse but, according to the newspaper, he came back and made friends with "Selfies".

In addition, there are continuing complaints about the misconduct of migrants in the sauna area. The foreigners would harass the women constantly. "When women are in the sauna, the sauna is now closed to asylum seekers," says the letter.

The men even wanted to storm the dressing room for women and girls, it said. The lifeguards have to protect the women from the migrants.

The foreigners have free use of the swimming pool, but must pay for the sauna. But when the lifeguard asks them to do so, they just laugh and leave.

Feces in the shallow pool

A memorandum from "Glück-Auf-Covered Swimming Pool" in a letter to the Zwickau town clerk's office manager reads as follows: A group of "young women and children accompanied by caregivers" visited the [Swimming Pool] Hall on January 9. They "used the training pool" because none of them could swim.

"The users contaminated the pool by getting rid of their own intestinal contents. Native people will always leave the pool for the bathroom."

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This might be a good thing if it can shock the frightened Germans out of their complacency. I really don't know if anything can, however, EXCEPT a reassessment/revision of WWII history and the "Holocaust."


Wilhelmsburg - Because of harassment of numerous young women, the vocational school W4 at the Dratelnstraße in Hamburg, where about 2000 mostly female students are trained for medical, dental or veterinary professions, has been put under police protection.

The headmistress had reported several cases of students being harassed on their way to Wilhelmsburg S-Bahn station by single men, but also by small groups, in different ways including being asked for a kiss.

The police have so far at least eight cases, which seems to be only the tip of the iceberg. One student described that she was pushed to the wall by men who had followed her to the train station in Hamburg while other men stood by and laughed. "Other similar incidents have been reported in the school environment." said Chief Inspector Andreas Schöpflin, The descriptions of the perpetrator are almost identical: they spoke little or no German, are apparently from the Middle East or North Africa. It is checked whether they come from the
nearby central initial reception cemter at the Dratelnstraße, where some 1,400 refugees are housed.

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