Germany establishes "Hate Crime" classification to protect refugees

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2015-09-30 00:05

A protest march on September 9 in Riesa featues a banner demanding an end to asylum abuse - will this become a "hate crime?"

In light of Globalist Elites' concern for attacks against refugees, Germany has introduced stricter laws on “racist violence.” The new laws, which went into force in August, include granting greater powers to federal prosecutors in cases of “hate crimes.”

A “hate crime” is one with a racist motivation, and carries heavier penalties than a similar non-racist crime.

So will the raping of a native-born German woman by a black resident or refugee be considered a “hate crime” because of it's racist overtones? Why even ask such a question. Look to Sweden. It will be up to German women to "cover up."

Beyond heavier punishment, the prosecutors will be able to intervene earlier in investigating crimes “where racism or xenophobia are suspected” to have been in play. And they will also have the power to launch joint operations with other German states.

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas, a Social Democrat born in Saarland, said there must be "zero tolerance" for xenophobic crimes. "Anyone who sets fire to refugee homes or attacks people who have lost everything in their native countries and are looking for shelter with us must feel the full weight of the law," Maas said.

Sounds like any dissent against the unprecedented Arab-Asian-African “refugee” invasion of Germany is restricted to quietly marching down a pre-approved street, surrounded by riot police, while being viciously attacked by far-left anti-racists who for some reason are allowed to disrupt your march. Try anything more effective than that and the now heavier hand of the law will put you away. How many would be stupid enough to try? As I've said, the only effective way is if 100,000 came out in Munich or Berlin with anti-refugee banners, and kept coming.

In the meantime, all this forced concern for Muslims is still being justified by the “donar kebab” murders from 2000 to 2007. German media is now saying that a total of 259 crimes could be connected to the NSU (National-Socialist Underground). Could be, mind you.

In answer to a request submitted by Left Party parliamentarian Martina Renner, German news agency DPA reported the federal government revealed that, among other things, there were 120 incidents of NSU-linked propaganda offenses. In Düren in 2013, for example, someone wrote on a building used by the local Muslim community: "The NSU lives on and you will be the next victims."

Could this have been written by someone with an interest in perpetuating fear of “nazis” and sympathy for Muslims? Of course, but the federal and state government agencies pretend not to even think of that.

I'm afraid Germany is finished. It is the Communist Left that has killed it, just as they had done in Adolf Hitler's day. But there is no Adolf Hitler on the horizen this time.

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