German farmers unhappy with 'Green Deal' restrictions

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2020-01-17 13:41

 Lines of about 200 tractors from four surrounding areas descend on Berlin's Straße des 17. Juni, near Brandenburg Gate on Friday. The Victory Column is in the background.

HUNDREDS OF TRACTORS CLOGGED GERMAN CITIES on Friday as farmers vented their frustration over environmental regulations. The states where convoys of farmers were out in force were Bavaria and Baden Württemberg in the south, Hesse in central Germany and Lower Saxony in the north, as well as Bremen and Berlin.

The protest coincides with International Green Week, an annual food and agricultural fair that started today (Friday, Jan 17) in Berlin.

More than 1,000 tractors descended on former capital Bonn, home of many ministries including the Agriculture Ministry, bringing gridlock to the small city.

The convoy in Bonn (above), an agricultural area, stretched more than 1 kilometer, closing traffic bridges and shutting down major roads.

Some of the agricultual sector's anger is directed at government policies regarding new animal welfare labeling and restrictions on the use of pesticides to protect endangered insects.

The environmentalists say that the central issue at the heart of recent regulation is the large amount of fertilizer and manure spread across fields flowing into groundwater and rivers. The controls are also aimed at mitigating the effects of declining insect and bird populations in Germany.

Socialism under the guise of environmentalism

"No one should forget that farmers provide food," a protest sign attached to one tractor read. The farmers feel left behind as more regulation favors bigger agricultural conglomerates to the detriment of small farming operations. The farmers say they are sick of "farmer bashing" and being blamed for damage to the environment.

This farmer's sign reads: "It is not only in chess that the pawn is sacrificed first, so that the big ones can make even bigger leaps."

More than double the expected number of protesters turned up in Hanover, in northern Germany. They are upset not only with the new regulations, but also with the ban on glyphosate and the Mercosur trade agreement between the European Union and South America. The not-yet-ratified agreement is opposed by European beef farmers and  indigenous rights activists alike. It is expected to trigger a huge surge of Brazilian beef exports to all EU countries.

Farmers throughout the EU oppose this, particularly smaller farmers who fear being undercut on price. The COPA-COGECA union, which represents 23 million farmers across the EU, warned the deal “will go down in history as a very dark moment.” COPA-COGECA also said the impact of the free trade deal would be "devastating on the European farming family model."


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How did Jews go about killing approx. 60 million White Russians and Ukranians in the early twentieth century?     Jew killed the Imperial Family,    forcibly took over the large farms and the Co-operativesw that sold the crops for all farmers,     and then imposed regulations forbidding small farmers, (larger land owners "...voluntarily..."  complied) to plant traditional food crops that resulted in wide spread famine to the entire country.   This is common Jew practice...,    For example;    Take over large fishery opperations of a nation,  gain preferential licensing agreements on price per tonnage quotas,    break the backs of small fishermen and destroy the  breeding  habitat for fish before moving on to the next country to do the same  thing all over again.     On a micro level,   most Europeans do not own their own house but either buy, rent or lease apartments with no space to plant their own gardens.    The result is for the people to entirely rely on Jew owned chain grocery stores for food.   Now the Jews want to use the environment to get the public to go along with the BS story desgned to bankrupt small farmers and do a Ukraine version 2020.  Take the Jew out of the equation and solve the problems.   

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Hallo Carolyn
Yes it seems genuine contentment with food , clothing + shelter is taboo in the C21st ; as a group always emerges to sow seeds of discord that never grow to benefit anybody. As was remarked in Bismarcks era we need a leader to protect our institutions and never a conglomeration of referees to tear them down.

> Socialism under the guise of environmentalism
Not wanting to get too far off the track of this article - my sympathies certainly lie with the German farmer here, but is it not odd that all hysterical undertakings of the so-called "left" now fall under the banner of socialism?
Has socialism lost it's meaning or just been redefined?  It is either conflated with Marxism (by it's proponents and detractors) or linked to the aforementioned nut-jobs - but I seem to recall it the was National SOCIALIST German workers party that last gave us a proper people's revolution.
You have a great interview with AH on this site (circa 1923) where he tells us that Marxism has no right to conceil itself as socialism.  I'm inclined to agree, as I find it hard (impossible) to be a nationalist without caring about the well-being of my fellow tribesman.  My 2 cents.
Surely there is another more appropriate term to describe the actions of the Greens and other extreme left?

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