Deutsche Welle launches an Arabic-language TV channel for all Europe

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2015-12-14 23:38

The DW Arabic-language channel is available across most of Europe beginning December 15, 2015

How timely. Wonder how long this has been in the works? Germany's state broadcaster aimed at an international audience is making it clear it thinks Arabs are in Europe to stay. The new channel will begin broadcasting tomorrow, December 15th.

The ostensible purpose is to help Arabic-speaking migrants learn what they need to know about Germany, in their own language. According to DW, the information is designed to help refugees deal with everyday life and visits to German administrative authorities, to find job opportunites and to learn German. The channel will transmit German language courses in television format.

A lot of money is going to be spent to accommodate these “refugees” and to keep them in Germany with the hope that they will become productive citizens. The German establishment does not want these “refugees” to go back; they are doing everything to keep them here. It's really clear that this is the plan for Europe, and for the establishment it's already a done deal. No discussion. No referendum. Where have we seen this before?


Only Holocaust denial can save Europe.

This is good news : "Broken Dreams : Why Are Iraqi Refugees Massively Fleeing Sweden", Sputnik, 15.12.2015

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