The Continuing False Statements of Jim Condit, Jr

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2012-12-16 09:05

By Carolyn Yeager, Dec. 16, 2012

Ken Hoop has sent me an exchange of 5 emails between himself and Jim Condit, Jr. (pictured right), under the subject line: RE: Yeager

I have never met Ken but I thank him for giving me the opportunity to refute once again Condit's childish repetition (maybe stemming from his characteristic blindness) that, when debating with him and about him, I "NEVER ONCE gave a reason why a source (of his) was illegitimate." Here is part of the email exchange:

From: Ken Hoop
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2012 3:07 PM
To: jconditjr
Subject: Yeager

Of course when you quote kook sources to substantiate kook positions, Yeager and Irving and Duke and Rudolf and Weber and Faurisson and Butz are going to call you on it.
But then you would have to go back to about when you were 25 and begin to sort out all the kook sources you have adopted as true
on all your kook projects on everything from the Siri kookism on..

From: jconditjr
To: bronson
Subject: RE: Yeager
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2012 19:27:42 -0500

The facts I cite are IN THE PUBLIC RECORD in general --- they are in the MAINSTREAM SOURCES -- but they are either given little or no commentary -- or ABSURD commentary, once you look closely.

 Yeager NEVER ONCE gave a reason why a source was illegitimate.

The truth of the matter is that I spent most of the time alloted to me doing just what he says I didn't do, both on the Deanna Spingola show "debate" between Jim and me (unavailable) and on the Charles Guiliani show wherein I pointed out why Jim's sources were faulty. It is not my fault that Condit simply ignores what I say to him and does not respond to it. For example:

I have said repeatedly that Condit's main source for the info he peddles is Adolf Hitler - Founder of Israel by Hennecke Kardel (copyright 1974), which relies for much of its information on Bevor Hitler Kam (Before Hitler Came) by Jewish schoolteacher Dietrich Bronder, written in 1964.  This latter book, only in German, has the sole intention of putting forth lies and gossip to further the anti-National Socialist agenda of his Jewish brethren. All his claims that the top National Socialists were Jewish I refuted. (Though I didn't have time to complete it on the programs. I will put all that information in a follow up blogpost.)

As to Hennecke Kardel's book, the information on the copyright page reads: Translated by the Oficyna Sydawnicza "Fulmen", Warszawa © Copyright 1996 Fulmen ISBN 83 86445 020 5 and in Poland is already sold out. This introductory edition was translated by the Publisher, Modjeskis' Society Dedicated to Preservation of Cultures, P.O. Box 193, San Diego, CA 92038, © Copyright 1997. Modjeskis' Society ISBN 09657523-0-5 and is also available for distribution under the address of this Society.

I have pointed out that devoted Irish Catholic Jim Condit, Jr. has a strong affinity with Polish Catholics, some of the most faithful Catholics in Europe, and allies with them in their desire to blacken the name of Adolf Hitler. Condit praises the name of his Polish mentor, the late Dr. Paul Reznowski, who started him out on this path, gave him most of the material he uses, and whom Condit originally called "Ratisbone."

 But what is most important to this particular reply to Jim Condit is that no one has ever found out who Hennecke Kardel is. In searching for that information on the Internet, I came up with only this: 


Born: June 15, 1922 in Friedrichstadt, Germany

Died: June 24, 2007

Gender: male

Genre: History

About this author: Son of German scientist Rudolf Kardel. After completing Army Academy he served as an infantryman in the German army in Russia and the Balkans. In 1979 he was sued by the German state which also confiscated all his possessions. In 1982 he was acquitted without any expenses pay.

Can anyone verify this information? NO! All that is found are websites copying this unconfirmed item from, where anything can be placed. John Kaminski, of Polish ancestry, writes a column simply using information from this Kardel book, as if it were reliable. He asks no questions. It is my opinion that Hennecke Kardel is a pseudonym for the unknown and unaccountable Polish group that wrote the book. Much of their "information" came from Jew Dietrich Bronders' book, which was never translated into English because it is just a hatchet job. By the way, Bronder was NOT a Professor of History as is sometimes claimed by these fakers, but just an ordinary schoolteacher. After the war, one only had to be a Jew to get bureaucratic jobs with which to carry forward the De-nazification Plan.

More to come.