Christmastime greetings

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2019-12-20 00:52

Wishing you

all the blessings and cheer

of the Christmas season

This sweet German card personifies the essence of Christmas to me: the innocence of a child who can delight and believe in its magical characters and events. The most special of all special times of the year, at Christmastime the world can be transformed and we can share, through a child's eyes and uncritical nature, in the spirit of abundance and giving. 

Merry Christmas!


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Carolyn, from South Texas.

Wünsche Dir eine besinnliche Weihnachtszeit. Das  neue Jahr 2020 möge deine Wünsche erfüllen.
Wish you a merry Christmas. May the new year 2020 fulfill your wishes.
Klaus Borgolte

Thank you for your works of dedication, I'm very grateful I found Carolyn  
Hails From Finland

Merry Christmas Ms. Yeager.
Thank you for your efforts in making your blog important.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
I have something which may be of a little interest to you.
There‘s no doubt propaganda is in there, but I vaguely do remember my parents talking of this.

Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr -
 There's love in our hearts when we all say this, Carolyn

Thank you and back at you, Dear Friend. ALL of your efforts on behalf of our people and of TRUTH are much appreciated and admired. Your name on granite monuments in the future will attest to your courage and dedication. Our people are indebted to you. I am, and since first meeting you, very fortunate to call you FRIEND and fellow warrior.
Go ahead and print my name. Tel Aviv West has known of me since the days of George Wallace, and the travesty of the Warren Commission. My time is limited as the years are catching up. But I'll still spit in the eye of the enemy during my remaining time - just as YOU do!!
Ray Goodwin

This video brings different thoughts to mind but I think it's visually beautiful and very moving.  The battle of Stalingrad was well underway and Germany knew it was fighting for its existence.  The term "existential threat" is overused most of the time to describe no such thing, but that is what Germany faced by late 1942.  Films like this were were partially meant to harden people's spines for what was soon to come.

Thanks Peter, for bringing us this video.

My thoughts from it: That Germany, the real Germany that today's powers-that-be call a false, unnatural and short-lived Germany, did indeed lose that battle for its existence. Its existence is outlawed today by those decrepid powers that won that monumental battle (not just Stalingrad). I recently read this by Stephan Brandner, deputy federal chairman and legal advisor of the AfD parliamentary group who was forced out by the other parties from his position as chairman of the parliament legal affairs committee because of some "outlawed" sentiment he once expressed:

(Dec. 17) "The Federal Government is literally under a delusion. Nothing is sacred to it any more: now it wants to intervene mercilessly in people's rights with the aim of creating a transparent citizen who can't even dare to think about conservative views without being sacrificed to the (legal squeezing out of the right*)! I might have thought that this idea was conceivable in China, North Korea or Belarus, but not in our country. We are fighting with all our might against a surveillance state and for freedom of opinion. What the Federal Government is planning is inhuman and pathetic."

*difficult to translate -cy

There is a remnant of real Germans who have not forgotten. In spite of all the concessions they need to make to retain a voice, they should be supported. One faithful German should be able to recognize another. Most of the people online who are yapping against the AfD for its lack of purity are not even German!

So your reminder that this is an existential battle we are still in is good work indeed. Stephan Brandner agrees with you.

Thank you Carolyn.  Until 1990 the USSR was perceived as the biggest threat to western Europe and Germany.  I think very few Germans believe that of Russia today.  The world has changed dramatically in ways no one would have predicted 30 years ago.  When the USSR collapsed, that changed everything and many believed and hoped the European Union would empower Europe and Germany (I hoped) but this did not happen.  But I think big things will come within the next 5 to 10 years, maybe much sooner.  Some people believe the USA is going to have big financial problems like those that haven't been seen since at least the 1930's and it will mean the US will lose a lot of its power. China will be the main beneficiary.  But I think if that happens Germany will benefit too.  I think the US would get out of European affairs to deal with its own problems and Germans might then become independent and free again.  Then you will see more honesty from German politicians and the media, and people will be able to say what they believe again.  I think if the US slips, Germany and Europe will gain from it.  The Poles, Israel and the Jews won't be so happy, but Europe and the world will be better off.  In the long run, Americnas might benefit too.  Maybe I'm naive, but I still think there is hope for a dramatiac turnaround and a resurgence of Germany so it becomes a competitive country again and a leader in scince, education and engineering again. 

Merry Christmas Carolyn! 

Very Merry Christmas to you, Carolyn!  Thanks for all you do.

Sorry for being late; Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Heil og sæl!


Hi Carolyn,
I'm a bit late to the party, but I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year.