Berlin Feds interfere with police work to protect African migrants from arrest

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2016-01-22 15:19

North Africans carry out numerous thefts against German citizens, especially women, everyday without consequence, since police are hamstrung by political correctness.

It's official! Under pressure from the Federal Government's Anti-Discrimination Agency, the police in North Rhine-Westphalia could not, last summer, call North Africans “North Africans.” They had to take back a warning of "mostly North African" young men in a police report. This is clear from an exchange of correspondence between the Authority and the Dortmund police headquarters.

Officials from NRW wanted to warn citizens about pickpockets in a public warning. In a press release dated 19 June 2015, the officials showed there was increased activity of "situations in which (mostly North African) young men ... did the “zoom dance” to selected victims, in order to distract them, and then stole their purse or mobile phone," it said in the press release.

Federal Authority protects North Africans

In mid-July the police headquarters received a letter from the Anti-Discrimination Agency, which is located at the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. The letter referred to the press release, saying it was doubtful whether it was consistent with the guidelines of the police of NRW.

"There is a danger that in this way these groups are put under general suspicion by the population. We encourage you to delete the reference to the North African origin from the press release. "

Following this suggestion, the Dortmund police subsequently removed the "North African criminal groups" from the report. A police spokesman said to Focus that "it could not be excluded that our formulation in the press release could be misunderstood as a discriminatory statement."

The Anti-Discrimination Agency continues their intervention to protect the North Africans against discrimination (as they see it). A Government spokesman said that the Dortmund police release was a "sweeping and unnecessary” warning about an entire ethnic group, and also an entire gender group: men.

The only goal of the federal authority is of course nothing more than the monitoring of political correctness. The prescribed political correctness is one of the reasons why a growing number of policemen are running out of patience with the current situation.


"...Policemen are running out of patience.."   Today in Germany a policewoman was arrested under charges of possessing one thousand items of weaponry and ammunition, plus Nazi material like swastikas.  In Lower Saxony one more asylum centre was set on fire. The situation is rapidly deterioraring, and that's great!  Bring it on!

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