All good wishes for Christmas

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2020-12-22 12:49

At the end of an extraordinary and chaotic year, I want to wish all my readers a peaceful and innocent Christmas celebration. I like the simple style of these two illustrations very much. Since I didn't want to choose between them, I decided to use both. Hope you like them too.

Merry Christmas 2020!


I really apprechiate your work. It will be as a reference in the future, for most people. For me, it already is :-)

... for your words of appreciation. And for your good comments throughout the year too. Smile

Yes of course, lovely cards conveying a lovely sentiment - Chistmas is for & about adults bringing children happiness.  Let us hope a better job done in 2021, than '20.
And thank you for newsletter CY, it is read & appreciated. God Jul to you & yours, and all fellow readers too.

Liebe Carolyn, Weihnachtliche grußen aus Bad Gleichenberg, letztes Heimat von Willi Wenger. Möge dir Mut und gute gesundheit die ganze neue jahr durch.

Dear Carolyn,
Thank you for your Christmas wishes.
Yes, your postcards show the world in which I was looking forward to the Christ Child, cared for by my parents, a long time ago. Hopefully we will be able to take a part of it into the future.
Merry Christmas

My book list for the holidays:  G.Rudolf & C. Mattogno´s  AUSCHWITZ LIES, Delderfield´s God is an Englishman, Hugh Thomas´s The Spanish Civil War and The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla, by Marc Seifer.
Greetings from Brazil.

I enjoy the traditional Christmas scenes you shared with us, so two illustrations are very much appreciated!! I also want to thank you for your thoughtful and informative insights this year.
Merry Christmas!

Classic Christmas Cards from a classic lady.  Merry Christmas.
Thank you for your editorial insight and effort bringing clarity to history and to today.
My best to you, Chris

Tradition is fading into the past as the emailing of a card, etc. is just the normal thing to do.   Not the same as when families sat and wrote a message about the past year to friends and love ones.  Merry Christmas and thank you.

Very nice, Carolyn.  Thanks for all your great work.  Merry Christmas.

 Thank you!!! Carolyn, for everything you do to raise awareness and consciousness to the crimes committed to Germany before, during and after WWII. In additon, to the crimes and ill gotten policies against white people's culture, religion, history and idyosincracies in their own countries and abroad by the nefarous, omnious and historical enemy of humanity
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Carolyn and loved ones, as well as, everyone here, for they are awaked or awaking to a new and usually hidden reality to most people. GOD BLESS :)

Thanks for all your work and Merry Christmas to you too!
May 2021 bring a glimmer of Truth and happiness to us all.

Merry Christmas Carolyn.  You are one of the rare lights shining through these dark and evil times.

Looking forward to this Christmas and what the new season brings. 

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