AfD's Gauland says Merkel's demand for election campaign control is absurd

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2018-10-18 21:35

CHANCELLOR ANGELA MERKEL HAS ANNOUNCED GUIDELINES FOR DEALING WITH PARTIES that allegedly engage in disinformation in election campaigns, which would bring financial sanctions into play.

AfD national spokesman Alexander Gauland  (right) said in Berlin on Oct. 18:

"If it is up to the Chancellor, opposition parties will soon have to submit their campaign material to the government for consideration. Presumably, a 'Ministry of Truth' will be set up for this purpose. That is not an absurd statement.”

He added, “Merkel's announcement shows how tense the nerves of the old parties are in the face of their continuing decline. Apparently, the current popular parties no longer trust their own arguments, but see in them their last chance to discredit the political opponent.

“Democracy lives on free dispute. And, of course, this also includes aggravations and simplifications, especially in election campaigns. Anyone who seriously plans to place the competition for the best arguments in the political debate under state supervision puts the ax to democracy and the liberal-democratic basic order.” (For those who criticize AfD for being too timid, they should understand the AfD considers itself as part of the liberal-democratic order and always has. If you did not understand that all along, the fault lies with you, probably because of the way the establishment parties and media refer to AfD as “far right” and “extreme.”)

Gauland went on, “Incidentally, I'm not so sure if the old parties would actually pass an unbiased fact-finding check: Merkel's notorious saying 'We can do it' [
wir schaffen das] would certainly have to be categorized as disinformation according to these standards."


Maybe the people that call AFD "too timid" underestimate the constraints that Germany is still under.  Besides not understanding AFD, maybe they also believe the ridiculous statements constantly made that "Germany dominates Europe".  As the wealthiest country in Europe, with the biggest and most dynamic economy, and the biggest contributor to the EU, the EU would fall apart if the country with the dominant economy did not have the biggest say in economic matters.  But in every other aspect, Germany is still a weakling politically, with many other countries wielding power over Germany. 
Germany and Germans are still insulted by other countries and their leaders, called "NAZIS", told by Poles and Jews they can't have a memorial to the murdered Germans of WW II and Germans wouldn't dare tell the Poles not to put Amercan missiles on the stolen German land that Poland occupies.  The reason Germany (including AFD) is so "timid" might be  because deep down, Germans know if the Jews and their allies are upset by something, they could make things very hard on Germany and could start another war if they wanted to.
In the last few days the media has reported on a top AFD politician that visited some historical sites associated with Adolf Hitler, including his birthplace.  He will be removed from the party.  That shows the power Germany has beyond economics - none.  If they had such power, Germans wouldn't cover up the theft of one third of their country and the biggest ethnic cleansing operation in history when the allies expelled between 14 and 20 million Germans from their eastern lands so these lands could be taken over by others, and if Germany didn't help cover this up, Germany's 84 million people and the rest of Europe and even the world wouldn't be so ignorant of these facts.  German schoolchildren aren't taught these things, just as the allies made sure Germans would no longer be taught about the Versailles Treaty. 
I think AFD is doing a fantastic job and if the Germans aren't completely wiped out within the next 50 years (the German race is already almost unrecognizable), it will probably be due to AFD's efforts.  They have some great speakers, including Gauland, Storch and my favorite, Weidel, who I consider vivacious.  Yes, I'm aware she's a lesbian.  It doesn't change the fact she's attractive. 

"In the last few days the media has reported on a top AFD politician that visited some historical sites associated with Adolf Hitler ..."

Not a top politician, but a regional politician from Thuringia. The Germans in Thuringia are still appreciating the traditional values more than in Western German. Plus these photos are from several years ago. And the politician resigned from the party immediately upon the pictures being made public, so this is just more Jew propaganda. But if an SPD politician was seen in an old photo linking arms with Josef Stalin himself, it would not merit a mention in the media.

When Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder (1998-2005, SPD) was fast friends with Vladimir Putin and called him a "flawless democrat." He didn't have to resign, nor was he put under investigation by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. When Schroeder left office, he went into business partnership with a Russian oil company.

There seems to be a double standard, doesn't there?

Germany is a sleeping giant that will eventually be awakened. AfD is just the start.

This makes me think of the horse-tied-to-flimsy-chair meme, where the horse is Germany and the flimsy chair are it's enemies, naysayers, exploiters, enslavers and their ilk:

Germany has the truth, facts and morality on its side, and its enemies damn well know it.

Web sites like this educate everyone about the truth.

"There will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and the truth will again triumph."

Joseph Goebbels.

When I was in Chemnitz a few weeks ago I was at the festival when the knife attack occurred.  In the protests that followed I saw a commie with a jacket with the hammer and sickle emblazoned on the back of his jacket.  Needless to say, I never saw any swastikas.  Here in Tallinn I saw a Russian wearing a shirt with the hammer  and sickle on his shirt, but in Estonia, as in Latvia, they commemorate their soldiers fighting alongside the Germans against the Red Army every year now, although the gov't is not involved and Estonians emphasize they were fighting for their country and de-emphasize their alliance with Germany.