AfD marks a win in constitutional court

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2019-07-26 11:19

TWO WEEKS AGO, I reported that the parliamentary election committee in the German state of Saxony banned 43 of the 61 candidates selected for the ballot by the Alternative for Germany party.  Now a state constitutional court has partially overruled that decision.

The court said the committee's decision to reject candidates ranked 19 to 30 was “highly likely illegal,” but not the bottom half ranked 31 to 61 because they were elected using different voting procedures. A final verdict is expected on August 16.

The AfD is polling neck and neck with the CDU in Saxony at around 24-26%. Based on these polls, they might hope to win around 30 seats in the parliament, so even with only a partial list of 30 candidates, there should be enough to fill the seats won. Others can run as at-large candidates if they wish.


Long new article from the Financial Times, if the link doesn't work, and you get a paywall, do a Google search on the article title, and then the article should come up for free. 
I must say, Brandenberg looks beautiful from the photos. 
Germany: AfD surge threatened by party disunity

Thanks David. I found it here but without the photos you menationed.

Kalbitz is a really good guy, from what I've read of his. That can only be a part of the success in Brandenburg. Wow, I've lost track that Sept. 1 is just a couple weeks away!

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