Accusations against Angela Merkel

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From the full translated document found at Christogenea's Saxon Messenger:

Breach Of The Oath Of The Chancellor: An Open Letter by Major General Schultze-Rhonhof: Why Merkel Has To Step Down For The Benefit Of The German People

This is only one section from the entire "open letter" by retired General Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof (pictured), author of "The War That Had Many Fathers." He's giving it to her good!!

Accusations Against You

The main accusation against you is your breach of the oath of the Chancellor. You have sworn to work towards the benefit of the German people and to avert harm from the people. By tolerating and causing the tidal wave of immigration and by not being able to put an end to it, you have caused incalculable damage to the German people and its descendants. While some immigration may be desired you have rendered an absolutely negligible service to the German people with the minor number of immigrants who can actually be integrated.

To the detriment of the German people you have displayed a significant lack of moderation by not being able to balance the Christian duty for humanitarian aid to refugees on the one hand and your government’s responsibility for our people on the other hand.

With your messages that Germany was an immigration country and that asylum seekers were welcome in Germany, you have triggered a wave of mass migration. This migration has caused additional suffering and tragedies.

To hide your failures you have spread the illusion that our country and our population were able master the burden of mass immigration for federal and other public budgets, for domestic security, education and the social security system. You have thereby concealed the additional public debt load, the reduction in benefits for our population, the renovation of roads, waterways, bridges, and sewer systems which now remain undone and you have concealed the perpetual burdens for our children and grandchildren.

You have damaged the country's reputation and role in the EU because the tidal wave of immigrants you have caused has put all other EU states under pressure to act. Your demand for national immigration quotas is an attempt of illegitimate interference in the sovereignty of other states and the self-determination of other peoples.

Just as the territories and boundaries of countries are inviolable and may only be changed with the will of the populations concerned, so the constituent peoples themselves must not be changed through coercion and against the will of the populations concerned. Mass immigration is a change of a country's people. (The introduction of a quota-based solidarity mechanism was incidentally rejected by Germany as recently as 2013).

The other European countries either had to accept large migrant populations from their former colonies or have Russian minorities within their borders, also Czechs and Poles have negative experiences as multi-ethnic states. To try to force these countries and their peoples to accept new minorities reveals historical ignorance, German know-all attitude, or EU megalomania.

Instead of hoping for a "fair" distribution of migrants to other countries, you should have brought the true perpetrators of the current migrations on board with their target countries and with those who pay for it. The current “escape movements” from the Middle East and from the states around the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean and the opening of the Southern Mediterranean coast for refugees from Central and West Africa are primarily due to the regime-change-wars which the US, Britain, and France have started without being themselves threatened by these countries. [The same chums who started and also won both world wars in Europe! -cy]

These three allies had the dictators in those now destabilized countries overthrown through secret service operations, mercenaries, bribes, and finally open warfare. Every time the result was civil wars, chaos, refugee camps, and the refugee flows of today. The United States for example have so far only agreed to accept 1,500 refugees in 2015 (other sources: 4,000). [They have now bumped it up to 165,000.] This is less than the state of Bavaria had to accommodate in a single day. Having the German people bear the brunt of these refugee flows is the opposite of "averting harm" as required by your oath.

You have reduced the immigration debate to the concept of "welcome culture" versus "xenophobia". By this you have suppressed and avoided a discussion of the fears and concerns of the population and secondly you have split the nation. The more appropriate concept would have been "guests" and "host". The German nation has hosted these guests with a lot of willingness to help and has displayed great idealism. But you have not realized and have failed to clarify that hosts also do have rights.

Every host may determine how many guests he invites into his house. Every host has the right to determine the ways and customs in his house. Every host has the right to prevent a long-term take over of his house by the guests. Guests have to respect these rights and have to adapt in the host country. If this is not achievable by each individual host due to the "amorphous mass" of guests the host state needs to ensure this for its citizens. Of all this nothing is happening under your government.


German Wikipedia says that Schultze-Rhonhof is a former Major-General, which is a fairly important point. He was already a bit controversial and considered a "right-wing extremist" because he wrote a book arguing that Hitler did not have sole guilt for the Second World War.

Yes, that is true. I added the word retired, and linked to his book, which happens to be online!

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