20,000 show up for PEGIDA anniversary march, twice last week's number

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20,000 protesters marched in Dresden on the one year anniversary of the first PEGIDA march in that city on Oct. 20, 2014. It was almost back to the highest number ever, which was 25,000. Enlarge

UPDATE: 3 hour video uploaded by Lutz Bachmann

I was hoping for 20,000 and the good Germans accomplished it, according to the newspaper Sächsische Zeitung (Saxon Times), on a very cold night. You could see people's breath as they spoke and chanted. Deutsche Welle used an estimate by a student statistic group "Durchgezählt" of between 15,000 to 20,000. But they would be conservative. I would like to know how many came from outside of Dresden, and even outside of Saxony. Probably quite a lot.

PEGIDA co-founder Lutz Bachmann (above holding a bouquet of flowers) said he "had goosebumps" as he welcomed the large crowd.

"Politicians attack and defame us and the lowest tricks are used to keep our mouths shut. We are threatened with death, there are attacks on our vehicles and houses and we are dragged through the mud, but we came in order to stay and we will triumph!" he said.

He also told the crowd that he would be pressing charges against the German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere for calling PEGIDA members "hard-core far-right extremists" on state television. Social Democrat de Maiziere said prior to the rally, "They describe asylum seekers as criminals, politicians as traitors. Anyone who goes there should know that they are following rat catchers."

A popular chant was "Merkel muss weg" (Merkel has to go) and "We are the people."

About the warning of German Justice Minister Heiko Mass that anyone supporting these rallies is now jointly responsible for that violence (the stabbing of the Cologne mayoral candidate), they are not worried. Maas, they said, was "part of the system" and "just afraid of losing his position."

Among the "international guests" were a representative of the Italian Lega Nord; members of populist parties from the Czech Republic, Poland and Holland; and Tommy Robinson, co-founder of the "English Defense League". The bigger names who were probably invited, such as Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders did not come.

But more attention is given in the press to the counter demonstrators, numbering around 10-14,000 it is said, one of whom held a sign reading "Falafel instead of Bratwurst" in German, which is really shocking when you think of it. It's like saying, let Arabs replace Germans. These lefties seem to hate everything German. They are the ones who should move somewhere else.

Here's an example of the pro-government-refugee-policy type coverage:

The Saxon police prepared according to the words of Interior Minister Markus Ulbig (CDU). "We are more than 1,000 officers in action, we have the help of six Länder and the federal police," he said before the rallies. Ulbig was pleased with the many counter-demonstrators. The Saxon State Government had called on all demonstrators to [avoid] violence. Several members of the government took part in the counter-protests.


Green Party leader Peter Simone shouted at a rally at the Old Market to see the refugees in Germany as an enrichment. "We want a cosmopolitan Germany," he said. 

In the run-up to Monday's highly anticipated demonstration, Dresden Mayor Dirk Hilbert issued a statement against racism, hatred and violence. He also launched an anti-PEGIDA campaign on Facebook.

Some of the counter-demonstrators behaved in a violent manner. They attacked Pegida marchers and the police. One Pegida protester was reportedly "seriously injured" by "unidentified assailants." He was in a  group of Pegida strollers who were attacked with iron bars! Will we hear any more about that? It's always the antifas and communists who initiate physical force and murderous weapons at these demonstrations.

Here are some images I like:

Think of all the energy it takes for these people to come out every week. God love them. Our people.

Wednesday, Oct. 21 -- The keynote speech has aroused "outrage" (see comment below on Akif Pirincci) especially because of the sentence about "concentration camps." ["
Of course, there would be other alternatives to deal with Germans who don't agree with the current integration policy. But the camps are unfortunately currently out of service."]

I have learned that it was a reference to the reaction of CDU politician Walter Luebke to a statement made in a public meeting by a discontented citizen on the reception for refugees in Kassel. Luebke had answered: Those who are not happy with our German values are free to leave Germany at any time. We have freedom here."

This man Akif has clever speech, too clever for the rulers of this Allied Occupational Construct-State. Its ministers are searching for ways to prosecute him.

Video of full proceedings

Special viisual effects "March to Demo" video

more updates to come ... when I find something.


Bild is full IM now and snitches on Germans who oppose their genocide. http://m.bild.de/news/inland/social-media/der-pranger-der-schande-43073084.bildMobile.html
the headline states "we found the haters, now it's the Justice Department's job to sentence them" 
As you might know, in Germany especially it is not common or even legal to publicize the identities of criminals, even rapists and murderers, and not only the foreigners or non-Whites, as in other White countries. 
The made comments aren't even calling for murder, but are mostly simply pro-German. The enemies are getting desperate.

How disgusting. Thanks for showing this to us.

This is disturbing. He says he is sick of defending the German people for they are responsible for this. Merkel's CDU could only stay in power through a coalition with the SPD. That's as if Obama remained president because his party formed a coalition with the Republicans because there is simply no majority for any party in the country and third parties are all too small and fractionalized to either be the coalition partner (FDP is the traditional partner of the CDU but lost its mandates) or form other coalitions. 

His anti-German colors have been on display for quite a while now. It's amazing that WNst still listen to what this mental midget has to say. He used to post NS and SS pictures in order to imply a non-existent continuity with NS principles; then he started quoting Hitler out of context in order to justify his hatred of women. He doesn't seem to understand NS and it's Germanic spirit, so now he is bashing the German people as a whole - when they are resisting against all odds and under relative economic stability, than say Greeks whom Anglin loves to praise. Did we hear Greek bashing or blaming when they elected open Marxist anti-Christian twice in a row!? Of course not.
He is the kind of person, among many, who start out by praising wildly NS and Hitler only to later bash it onces it clashes with their liberal or American sensitivities. 
As a matter of the fact, Germans are STILL showing us how it should be done! Against all odds, even state sponsored persecution, they still gather, they still organize, they still resist! I'm so proud of them. If Germany was in the same situation as Greece, one can only imagine how much more resistance we would see. 

Shaming Germany as the loser of WW2 is one thing (plus the entire BRD construct is a Western Allied occupation construct), but the West (US, Britain, France etc) letting this happen in their countries is really the issue here. 
Shouldn't the Western Victors be more resistant to the destruction of their identities? Germans now always compare themselves to Americans and French etc in how far nationalism is acceptable. A often said meme in Germany is "Americans can say they are proud to be Americans, Germans are called Nazis". 
Western countries should be at least as resistant as most Eastern European nations, if not more, considering their position of not being overrun by others, due to their geographic positions and might. Hungary doesn't have that but is strong!

In the West there simply was no other crediable 'alternative', other than the ones presented by the International elements in positions of power. This is a huge failure on the part of supposed 'oppositional' elements. This brings us to the issue of the lack of true high IQ leadership and organizational ability. In short, the Western victors simply change course to International mode, and there was no resistance from the public for the reasons already mentioned.
This could be the reason why they hate the German Volk. Even with all the false shame, guilt, non-stop forced brainwashing, and the toughest 'hate' laws in Europe, some Germans are still able to resist. What is stopping the US and other Western or Southern Europeans?

Good point. I know Pegida isn't hardcore enough but are there weekly marches opposing anything the psychos in power do in the US or Britain? 
America has the 1st and 2nd Amendment and 5x the population of Germany. There should be 100.000 Pegida type protesters in the US a week, at least! 
They can even build upon the lie that Nazis wanted to conquer them and mention only language and religion. They could say we would all speak German now and be Odinist pagans if Germans had invaded, and we resisted, now Spanish speaking Catholics are taking over. Don't mention race, people know what this implies. 
But nothing really happens. 

Anglin writes according to his agenda. His agenda is:

1)  Vlad Putin is the savior of the West, as well as King of the Slavs.

2) Slavic countries are doing the best job of dealing with the migrant issue. And if they're not, it's not their fault.

3) Angela Merkel is most hated figure (along with Hillary) because she is a woman and leader of a powerful nation that was once led by Adolf Hitler.

4) The German people are guilty for electing Merkel instead of bringing back the Third Reich.

5) The Slavic people are guilty of nothing, ever.

Anglin is an impatient youth who has a fantasy vision of the world, in terms of good guys and bad guys, and the good guys should/can/will destroy the bad guys forevermore, like in the comics. Or in the bible. He portrays Hitler as that kind of hero, and now Putin, even though Putin sees Hitler as evil incarnate. But Anglin doesn't deal with that inconvenient fact.

Although I will say, I like what Putin is doing in Syria. It's kind of like Hitler sending his air force to Spain to help Franco's forces against the communists.

The communist-marxist-jewish internationalist mind-set is the problem. There is a lot of that mindset in Germany.  It ties in with the Christian mind-set too. That's what makes Germans so susceptible, I think.


Maybe the war in Syria is just a controlled jewish war. Is Putin likes Stalin and the jewish oligarchs and mafiosos are the Russia, to me Putin's participation reminds of Stalin's activities 1936-39. Why did he not react immediately? They have destroyed Syria together.

What's going on with this? Sabotage? Too much champagne? The speaker's birthday?  No, it seems that it was a bad choice; Akif has a reputation for having too sharp a wit.

Deutsche Welle:

The media's attention was particularly drawn to a 25-minute speech by the German-Turkish writer Akif Pirincci, otherwise known for a libertarian blog called "The Axis of Good," which has often been accused of racism.   [this blog was taken down today]

Pirincci's extraordinary and occasionally vulgar ramble, all read from notes, included references to refugees as "invaders," politicians as "gauleiters against their own people," Muslims "who pump infidels with their Muslim juice" and a threat that Germany would become a "Muslim garbage dump."

After the crowd responded with shouts of "resistance, resistance," Pirincci said, "Of course there are other alternatives - but the concentration camps are unfortunately out of action at the moment." The crowd applauded and laughed at that, though they eventually called on the writer to stop after his speech continued for another 20 minutes.

Wikipedia already has it on his page:

At the anniversary of the Pegida protests in Dresden on 19 October 2015, Pirinçci was invited as keynote speaker. He lamented that the concentration camps were closed ("KZs sind ja leider derzeit außer Betrieb")[2][3] and accused German politicians of being "Gauleiter against their own people", called Germany a "shit state" ("Scheißstaat") and female asylum seekers "fugitive whores" ("flüchtende Schlampen"). Further, according to Pirinçci, Muslims want to "pump infidels full of their Muslim juice" ("Ungläubige mit ihrem Moslemsaft vollpumpen") and Germany awaits a "Muslim garbage dump" ("Moslemmüllhalde"). He called the German Green Party a "Party of child fuckers" ("Kinderfickerpartei"), and the spokesperson for the mosque in Erfurt a "Muslim freak with a Taliban beard" ("Moslemfritzen mit Talibanbart"), who had as much to do with German culture as "my asshole with the production of perfume" ("wie mein Arschloch mit Parfümherstellung").[4] Volker Beck, member of parliament for the German Green Party, filed charges against Pirinçci for public incitement to criminal acts and incitement to hatred. A spokesperson for the federal prosecutor's office confirmed that an investigation is ongoing.[5] The publisher Random House issued a statement that it had cancelled its contract with Pirinçci and would no longer sell any of his books.

State prosecutors in Dresden said on Tuesday that they would be investigating Pirincci's remarks, on suspicion of hate speech.

According to Spiegel Online, Bachmann has apologized, but why let the speaker go on for 25 minutes in the first place? Did he fear interrupting an "honored guest?" Was he just slow to catch on? When Bachmann turned off the microphone, he said it was due to "time constraints."

Pegida CEO Lutz Bachmann has apologized for the hateful appearance of the German-Turkish author Akif Pirinçci at the rally in Dresden. On his Facebook page he wrote on Tuesday (today) of a "grave mistake".

I have not been able to find his statement on his facebook page. But if anyone can ...

It's on his Facebook page. He wrote something like this:

October 20 at 6:22am

Dear friends, dear patriots,
Yesterday we celebrated our 1.Geburtstag.
One year of hard work, full of hardships and continuous bombardment by politicians and the media is now behind us.
We thank you for your steadfastness, perseverance, your courage and your trust.
Of course, but also errors happen.

I committed a grave mistake yesterday. As our guest speaker Akif Pirinçci stepped up to the microphone, he said right away that he was going to read from his book "umvolkung", but instead he would read his own speech for the special occasion.

This was done without consultation with us and we were completely taken by surprise. I should have made the right decision at this moment and turned off the microphone immediately. As a rule, we read the presentations of our guests ahead of time to prevent such incidents. Mr Pirinçci carried forward [can't make sense of 7 words] otherwise we would have canceled from the outset.

So I must accept sole blame for this impossible appearance and I have no choice but to apologize publicly and sincerely.

But, I am glad that the mass of the strollers rejected the clumsy propaganda of the lecture, as was made clear by a concert of cat-calls, boos and calls to "cease", and mass leave-taking from the Theatre Square.
I am proud that Pegida has mobilized such politically educated people  who clearly know the border between justified criticism and dull Islam incitement and advocacy.

For this you all deserve a huge thanks! You've proven that Pegida is  not the stupid brown mob that applauds everything uncritically and celebrates whatever is blaring from the speakers at us. [by "brown" he probably referring to Nazis - cy]

I hope you accept this excuse, even if I did wait too long yesterday to pull the emergency brake.

Lutz Bachmann

Black migrants occupy building for a week, make demands. Germans treat them with incredible respect, expend lots of money doing so. If Germans don't change such behavior, they are doomed. These ignorant apes from the jungle were not even arrested, but were "released" after being forcibly removed from the government building. And what "attitude" they had!


That is why had proud and loyal Germans removed these invaders from that Gov. building -- giving them a good beating in the process -- THEY, the Germans, would've been prosecuted and even jailed; while they let the invaders go free! We know there were always altruistic Germans even during the Third Reich - however they were kept in check by German rationalism. Now traitors and virulent anti-German haters are in power encouraging the oposite. Even Stauffenberg would've hated this BDR.

Yes, he wasn't even this treacherous. Pegida people often carry the Nordic Cross flag in Black, Red, Gold. That is the Stauffenberg circle flag from back then. Stauffenberg never advocated giving up East-Prussia either. He probably didn't like NS-meritocracy as an aristocrat himself. That's about it. No German hater. 
These Merkel people today are a whole new type of traitors. 

She has some really crazy crap this time. 
How the hell did this mentally ill woman get this far?

There is a good video in German at Der Spiegel. Shows the real working-class Germans. At the end, they display a Hungarian flag in honor of Victor Orban with the word Köszönöm (Thank you).

The news story is very short. They don't want to give it attention but the video tells the story. Google translation:

On Wednesday evening [10-21 considerably fewer people  took part than two weeks ago at a rally of right-wing conservative AfD in Erfurt against the asylum policy of the Federal Government. Approximately 4,000 participants gathered, according to police, in the state capital of Thuringia before the darkened dome. Two weeks ago, it had been twice as many.

An increase was made on the participants of the counter-demonstration. It grew from 800 participants on October 7, now to 2500 demonstrators. Approximately 500 people joined a peace prayer, according to Superintendent Matthias Rein.

The knife attacker who slit the mayor candidate was working for the "Constituion Pretection Agency" as V-Mann, aka paid snitch/agitator.

Markus, as far as I can understand from the Bild article, the Greens and Lefts want information about whether there has been a connection in the past. They want to indict the "Constitution Protection Agency" for being too weak and not rounding up enough neo-nazis. It's all political.

Bild is such a shameless tabloid.

They are complaining about this at the NSU trial too,  which continues but gets nowhere. A farce, just like the trial of Frank S. will be ... unless they can commit him as mentally sick. I'm sure the justice system wants to.

Yeah they want clarity but it's a done deal imo. Pay an agitator, then blame Pegida, which they want to outlaw now because of the knife attack. 

Right on schedule ...


Berlin (AFP) - German officials said Thursday they had foiled an extremist plot to torch migrant shelters, adding to concerns over rising attacks on refugees in Europe as migrant arrivals hit new records.

Police in the southern German town of Bamberg arrested 13 members of a far-right movement suspected of planning to set fire to two homes for asylum seekers, prosecutors said.

Police swooped on Bamberg late Wednesday, arresting 11 men and two women whom they said were members of both a far-right movement and a criminal gang that was planning attacks on migrants, prosecutors said.

Also at DW ...


How can people be arrested because the police suspect they might commit a crime?? Apparently this is allowed in German, and maybe European law. It sure doesn't seem right.

Anyone know more about this?

From the German magazine Zuerst! :

After a serious rape in the Plauen district of Dresden, the police are looking for witnesses. Two dark complected men raped a 29-year old on Wednesday afternoon [10-21] in a basement while an accomplice held the woman.

"The young woman was on her way through a residential area on the Münchner Straße. Here she met two men who were in front of the basement entrance of the residential buildings. The two spoke to the 29-year old in an incomprehensible language, and shortly afterwards dragged her into the basement access, where the offense happened. Thereafter, the two fled towards Munich road," said police spokesman Marko Lask.

According to the victim both offenders were 25-30 years old; both have been described as "a Mediterranean type". 

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