Auschwitz: The Underground Guided Tour

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Auschwitz: The Underground Guided Tour

What the Tour Guides Don’t Tell You at Auschwitz-Birkenau

 by Carolyn Yeager

Available from The Barnes Review

Soft cover, 48 pages, $10

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MsYeager, I highly commend you for having the guts to write this powerful book! In a world where even questioning the Holohoax is considered anti-semitism and truth is considered racism, I give you a huge pat on the back. Thanks for all you do, keep the flame of truth and the spirit of our mighty ancestors alive!

Poking holes in the Auschwitz liberation story with the help of Elie Wiesel by Carolyn Yeager

... yeah on this page, all the little image links are broken - the permissions need fixing. 

It was a mistake or a misunderstanding. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Thank you to Scrapbookpages Blog owner for bringing attention to my booklet, even though s/he is in error in most of what s/he says - not least in the heading using the term "plagiarize." (This is written at 8:00 pm CST, 2-28-17)

For the record, 'HE' DID GIVE ME PERMISSION back in 2009 to use whatever images from his website I wished, though it was verbal permission, not written, as we were on friendly terms at that time. I'm using the masculine pronoun because for all these years 'he' presented himself to me as a male. I did make sure a photo credit apeared on all the images I used from I was happy to do so. By my counting, this is 8 images out of 54 total images in my book.

Now it's possible that in the years that has been online, many of his photos have been used by others without a photo credit, and have been picked up again and again, appearing on the Internet without being associated with the owner. This happens. But the telling fact is that HE DID NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT MY USE OF HIS PHOTOS IN 2010, OR 2011, OR 2012 ... NOT UNTIL NOW IN 2017 when he is angry with me for "criticism" that I very recently leveled at him. But it should be said that my criticism was for the faults that he is exhibiting in this very blog post - serious errors of fact, delusion and confusion due to memory lapses that are bound to occur with someone in their 80's. Sad, but that's why we have retirement.

Scrapbookpages Blog owner has now added another complaint: that "some of the captions that she put on the photos were wrong."

I would suggest that if he expects to have any credibility he needs to point out which captions to which photos he's speaking about, and give the correct information as he sees it. Otherwise ...

Another item: I actually found all or most of the emails we exchanged back then in a folder marked "Auschwitz book - TBR" in an email account I still use. I haven't read everything, or found the permission, but I think this shows that he knew I was using his photos and was okay with it.

From: Webmaster <[email protected]>
>    Subject: Re: reacreational sports?
>    To: "Carolyn” <>
>    Date: Monday, February 1, 2010, 10:28 AM
>    On this page of my web site
>    I mention the soccer field that was right behind Krema III and I
>    quote from a book written by a survivor.

>    Carolyn wrote:
>     Do you have any information and/or *pictures* having anything
>    to  do with recreational sports at Auschwitz-Birkenau on your site?
>    Or know where some are?  Thanks.

*   *   *

As I vaguely recall, my finished draft was already in the hands of the  production manager and he wanted another picture (or two?) to make the layout and pages work out. The top photo on the page was cropped and used on my page 37, with a photo credit. “Webmaster” knew this was for my book, which we had been discussing for some time already.

Even if all this is true, so what? 13500 people who should have been home with their families, died, working as slaves. This is after they had been in the case of Jews, utterly humiliated, terrorized, forced to wear a yellow star, had their children kicked out of school, their livelihoods taken, their property, their future...but that's ok with you, because the camp had a swimming pool.
I am strongly inclined to believe the Soviets cooked up a lot of stories to distract from their own crimes. Again so what. It's undeniable that helpless people, who had done nothing, ended up being used as slaves...And exposed to typhus epidemics that then killed them. It of all the people hiding with Anne Frank, only ONE survived....if they'd been left in their hiding place they'd have likely all made it...yet they were on the last train out of Holland, right near the end of the war....still, in those few months, all but one, dead. 
This is like saying that because slave owners in 1860 had found kind treatment a better means of control than cruelty, that because slave had vegetable plots and could sell their vegetables, that because they got cradle to grave care and industrial capitalism was materially much worse....all true....Then slavery must be ok.
Chrisabel Bielenberg, an English woman married to a German, had a Jewish doctor who saved her daughter's life with his unceasing care. Yet one day he had to come round and tell her that as a Jew, he was no longer able to care for Aryan children. This devoted man was now a danger to them. Imagine his pain, his hurt...And his whole life all taken away....but that's ok. Auschwitz had an orchestra.

So what, Fiona?

Wake up, lady. If all that I wrote in this book is true, there was/is no Holocaust! That's what.

There is no 6 million dead. (Where are the bodies?) There were no homicidal gas chambers, and no plan to murder all the Jews. That's a big so what.

Because Jews felt humiliated doesn't make for a Holocaust.

They did not work as "slaves," that's the media hype. They were not "worked to death," that's the media lingo. They were not "exposed to typhus," they brought it with them and infected others, even the SS guards. That's what all the Zyklon B was for.

If forcing your enemies into concentration camps, with all their inherent dangers and negatives, is equal to a Holocaust and Genocide, then the British were genociders first of the White Rhodesians; the Black Africans are genociders as well as the Russians, Israelis, Chinese, Japanese and Southeast Asians in general ... plus many other civilizations throughout human history. Why pick specifically on the Germans? Is it because you are a Jew and it was the Jews this time?

Can you stop all injustice everywhere it occurs? Are you protesting against Israel for their brutal treatment of the "helpless, innocent" Palestinians who had committed no crime, but had only been living peacefully where their ancestors had lived for hundreds of years? No? But your case is even weaker than that. The Jews came into the German lands where a 1000 year old advanced civilization and culture  already existed. They came for profit and personal advantage. They worked as an alien fifth column to take over large areas of government and professional life. In WWI they helped Germany's enemies and stirred up the labor unions to strike at war munitions factories and demand an end to the war. This caused, directly and indirectly, the death of millions of Germans -- brave troops and civilians and babies alike.

In like manner, the Jews invaded the Palestinians' homeland just because they wanted it for themselves. They invented a narrative about a "land without people and a people without land", just as they invented the Holocaust narrative. The H narrative is far more elaborate than what you're acknowledging here.

Here you're saying that if the National Socialists had just left the Jews alone, all would have been well. That's just not true. Your tactic of picking out single individuals who got hurt unecessarily, or even who just got their feelings hurt!! -- ignores the big picture of Jewish Banking/Money Global Control/Corruption and how it destroys whole nations. Like a giant mafia. Individual Jews need to stop serving this beast. Until they do they will suffer what it suffers just as they benefit from its dominance.

Thank you!

I was not aware of most of these things, but I did not believe in the "Holocaust", so, thank you for everything!

Dear Carolyn,
My sincere thanks for this excellent work; it is marvellous.
We have all been lied to - for longer than we have lived.
My Grateful Thanks.
Warren of EuddavAD322

Thank you for this amazing and "rare" article.  I appreciate your shining the light of truth on this subject.  The lies that have been told about the Germans are incredible.  Talk about shooting oneself in the head.  One can see what multiculturalism has done to France and England.  To their credit the Germans did not go willingly.  I wouldn't have wasted one American life or loaned England a penny to help antichrist France or establish the satanic state of Israel.  Damn masonic France for giving us the Statue of Liberty and damn Emma Lazarus and her cursed poem.  Who's idea was it to promote that?  We are positively teeming with refuse now thanks to Satan's chosen.  They hate Jesus more than ever just in time for the Christmas season.  
You're the best, Caroline.  Merry Christmas!  Frühe Weihnachten!      

Tres bon article. Avec sympathie de Roumanie. 

I tried that phone number above but nobody is picking up. How can I get a copy without mailing a check?

Hi 'new at this',

Go to this page at the Barnes Review and you can buy it direct from there using a credit/debit card. I think the phone number works only during certain hours of the day.

Good luck.

recently watched Europa The Last Battle. 
i have a few questions i didn't see answers too and would be curious to know if you have any info.
What happened to Edith Stein? Catholic nun.
what happened to Maximillian Kolbe?
I am wondering if the stories about them are possibly wrong or if they were examples of victims of torture. ( i would find it hard to believe that all SS or germans were above reproach, war is an opportunity for the worst amoung any of us to do evil. and i did see cases of german soldiers punished and executed for such crimes.)
I read a book called the butcher of Lyon. by brendan murphy. is that all bull shit or were there some in the ss and german military with their own agenda?
Europa was an eye open, even for me. I was well aware that german was cornered in ww1. what i didn't realize was how rediculously they projected their bull shit onto germany. 
Have you read America Betrayed by Diane West? very good. 

I have not seen the documentary you mention (though I think I will watch it now on your recommendation), nor have I read Diane West's book, though I concur in her overall thesis. Neither Edith Stein or Maximillian Kolbe were tortured; I am familiar with the stories of both. The SS were not in the business of torture and, as you noted, there were strict rules against and penalties for abusing prisoners in any way. All the horror stories are lies, and there should be no surprise in that. We are encouraged by all media to assume the worst about Germans/SS and assume the best about the Jews/Allies.

Yes, the Butcher of Lyon is bullshit, and I think you already know that. Bullshit abounds.

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