We're in a time of great awakening at the start of New Year 2021

By Carolyn Yeager

WHAT I THOUGHT LAST YEAR AT THIS TIME was going to be a continuation of good fortune for us in 2020, with the reelection of Donald Trump as president, and his continuing (and even accelerated) exposure of fake news, Washington swamp, Democrat disinformation, etc., etc. has been all but stopped in its tracks by this turbulent year. Or has it? It can just as well be that this unhappy turn of events will stir up even more awareness of the ugly side of our reality and is an important part of a developing 'great awakening' and great cleansing.

I think this is more true than not because one thing I'm sure of: we're on the leading edge of human experience. That means we're not in a dark period such as a Kali Yuga – throw out that ancient Indian theology (the idea of karma too)! Being on the 'leading edge' means our NOW has never happened before, is uncharted, but is the beneficiary of all that's gone before it. All! We are more brilliant in every way than mankind has ever been. Continue reading at Carolyn Yeager




Carolyn Yeager