Was Adolf Hitler a socialist?

Brothers Otto (left) and Gregor Strasser were early Socialist members of the NSDAP, as well as veterans of the Great War and the right-wing Bavarian Freikorps in 1919. Otto then turned further to the Left and was expelled from the Party in 1930 because of disputes with Adolf Hitler.

by Carolyn Yeager

WAS ADOLF HITLER A SOCIALIST? ACCORDING TO HIS conversations with Otto Strasser in 1930, as reproduced below, the answer is a clear No.

In a recent conversation with my nephew, a 'constitutional conservative', he reiterated that his main complaint against Hitler is that he was a Socialist, and the NSDAP was a Socialist party. Even though I try to explain to him that Germany's "National Socialism" was not the Soviet-style or even a garden-variety socialism, and Hitler was not actually a socialist, my nephew will not accept it, pointing to a couple of items in the NSDAP party program's 25 points that "were never changed."

If you think the same, or know someone who does, you might appreciate two articles I found to send him that do a good job of showing why Hitler was not a socialst: at fullfact.org and at vox.com. Check them out. In addition, I was really happy to discover a 'debate' between Adolf Hitler and Otto Strasser, one of the more left-wing socialist members of the NSDAP along with his brother Gregor. I'm somewhat chagrined to say I've never seen it before now, not being any kind of a fan of Otto Strasser and having no desire to read about him. But to the extent what Strassser wrote is accurate, he gives a a very convincing (to me) explanation of the Leader's beliefs. Continue reading at Carolyn Yeager




Carolyn Yeager