New 'scholarly' French translation of Mein Kampf is two-thirds commentary, one-third Hitler!

This is the cover of the new "Mein Kampf" translation put out by a committee of leftist French scholars. The main title means in English: 'To historicize evil' or 'put evil in historical context.' Does that sound kind of biased to you?

By Carolyn Yeager

A NEW FRENCH TRANSLATION OF MEIN KAMPF includes twice the amount of commentary, intended as “context,” as makes up the original text by Adolf Hitler! Yes, French publisher Fayard uses twice as many words to slam and slander Hitler as Hitler used in the totality of his lengthy two-part biography and political manifesto.

The new book is not even titled “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle), but “Putting Evil in Context: A Critical Edition of Mein Kampf.” Hitler's name does not appear on the plain white cover as the author. That, however, is apt since a committee of a dozen historians worked on the 'scholarly' two-thirds of the book that is there to obstruct and spin what we hear from Adolf Hitler. What a farce. Continue reading at Carolyn Yeager




Carolyn Yeager