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What the Führer did and didn't say in his Platterhof talk to officers

Monday, Feb. 16th at 8pm Central U.S. time (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific) live on Carolyn Yeager Uncensored

Some things he didn't say are what Veronica Clark claims he did in her books sold on Amazon. Carolyn purchased the 70-page document from the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich and had it translated by Mr. Carlos Porter. It is now published in two parts on her website for all to see free of charge.

A careful reading of the document reveals a few mistranslations by Clark which not suprisingly support her strange, if not to say bizarre, interpretation. What Adolf Hitler says is not at all new in 1944, but is consistent with his oft-expressed world view. Click Images to enlarge: Right, page 48 of the document; Left, Clark's original publication of only 100 copies.




Carolyn Yeager