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Hitler and the Slavs, 4

Monday, Nov. 3rd at 8pm Central U.S. time (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific) live on Carolyn's BlogTalk Channel

Carolyn Yeager continues with her study of Poland and how it became the troublesome country that Hitler had to subdue.

  • What modern demographics tell us about Polish patriotism;
  • The so-called Polish monarchs from 900 to 1300, and the legendary ones from the 6th-9th centuries;
  • The rule of Jogaila (Polish-Jagiello), of the Lithuanian Gediminid dynasty, and the tale of Jadwiga (Hedwig);
  • Wars between Jolaila and the Teutonic Knights - how Jogaila snatched defeat out of victory;
  • The paucity of world-class Polish cultural figures and artists;
  • The ferocious Ukrainian-Polish mutual ethnic cleansing in 1943.

Image: Fictional portrait of King Jagiello and his Queen Jadwiga

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Carolyn Yeager