Holocaust lies continue to be used to rationalize fear of the Right

Observant Jews monitor the "Remembrance Day" service taking place in the German Bundestag, marking 76 years that Europeans have been burdened with this Big Lie. Why aren't we doing all we can to end it?

by Carolyn Yeager

I AM SO TIRED of the stale “holocaust” lies that are still used as a basis for current boogymen fear-mongering such as against 'far-right domestic terrorists.' 

The theme by all mainstream news outlets is that “far-right” ideas, ie. dislike and rejection of globalism, threatens 'democracy' and all 'democratically elected governments'. [If a government is not far-left or internationalist-communist enough, then it was not elected democratically, according to this lock-step way of thinking.]

Now, I'm not saying anything that all you reading don't already know. My point is, it's high time we stop wasting our time talking about the problem, or looking for more articles to read about it and comments to compose, and time we move into the street and protest in very well-behaved, well-disciplined groups that cannot be portrayed as “anti-democratic” or “dangerous to the constitution.” Continue reading at Carolyn Yeager




Carolyn Yeager