Defense strategy in Chauvin murder trial emerges by end of first week

By Carolyn Yeager

ON DAY FOUR, I thought I saw the defense strategy revealing itself, and on day five it was very clear to me. It's exactly as attorney Eric Nelson told the jury in his opening statement—that the law will instruct them to find the defendant “not guilty” if they have “reasonable doubt” that his actions were a culpable contributing factor in George Floyd's death.

That is, each juror must be convinced “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the treatment of Floyd by Chauvin was a major cause of unnecessary death, over and above other medical causes that will be testified to by medical 'experts' later in the trial. “Reasonable doubt” is the key concept here, and what might save Derek Chauvin … if anything can. Continue reading at Carolyn Yeager




Carolyn Yeager