Blacks put police at risk by aiding and abetting crime in their neighborhoods

May 25, 2020, Cup Foods surveillance image: George Floyd stands at far right; five employees unoccupied behind the counter at left, with Christopher Martin closest to the front entrance in light gray-blue hoodie and black head scarf. Morries Hall, who entered the store with Floyd, is farthest front wearing red hat and white shirt.

By Carolyn Yeager

The second week of the Derek Chauvin trial has now wrapped up.

Monday through Thursday was devoted to testimony from the Minneapolis police chief, plus a selection of department investigators and training personnel discussing the MPD's “use of force” policies and what are approved tactics; then on to medical technicians and trainers, forensic doctors and scientists, and an emergency medical doctor. All agreed that George Floyd had been kept in a prone position (laying on stomach) while handcuffed and held down for too long, and this either contributed to or caused his death.

Defense Atty. Eric Nelson spent considerable time cross-examining most of these state witnesses and managed to get important concessions from some of them, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday. These were not good days for the prosecution; however, on Thursday they pulled out of their slump with some strong, confident expert medical testimony. Continue reading at Carolyn Yeager




Carolyn Yeager