Adolf Hitler, Christianity and Civil Order

Nazi party members display election propaganda, including a banner depicting both the swastika and a cross, outside of a busy church in Berlin on July 23, 1933.

Hitler defends his Church policy as late as 1939

By Carolyn Yeager

WE ARE BEING PLAYED  BY BLM (Black Lives Matter) today because “anti-Racism” has been allowed to become the required establishment view for all respectable Americans. It is the state religion. Respect shown to Black demands and general discontents, no matter how untethered to facts and real history, or how destructive to property and human lives, is the only response allowed in media, government, academia and America's classrooms. There are more and more organizations popping up to enforce this standard, too. Big Brother is watching.

The "proof" for the necessity of this can be found in the same place that the consensus against “anti-Semitism” is found: The action-packed twelve years of Adolf Hitler's National Socialist Germany  (1933-1945). The Hitler regime is portrayed as totalitarian—that is, one that disenfranchised the individual and his right to think and choose for himself in favor of forcing every citizen into a group-think collective that necessitates walking or marching in mindless goose-step together. Continue reading at Carolyn Yeager




Carolyn Yeager