Call for Essays for proposed book on National Socialism

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Call for Contributors

1 November 2020

New anthology book





Thomas Dalton, PhD, editor

In cooperation with Clemens & Blair LLC publishers, we are initiating a new book project, to be comprised of all-new essays related to truthful, objective, and positive assessments of National Socialist Germany and its leading advocates. After decades of false, slanderous, and misleading demonization by mainstream Western press and academia, it is time to present a fair and honest account of the many remarkable accomplishments of Adolf Hitler and his compatriots during the years 1920 (the advent of NS ideology) to 1945.

This book will be a celebration of the victories and triumphs of the Third Reich, in all aspects of society. It has much to teach us in the present day. Despite any shortcomings, NS Germany contained much that should be honored, cherished, and preserved for posterity.

Topics that could be addressed include:

  • The historical and philosophical basis for National Socialism.

  • NS women’s issues: improvements to their health and well-being, political rights, respect, etc.

  • NS health care improvements, health innovations, new medical treatments.

  • NS race theory, eugenics, and euthanasia: the true story.

  • Technical achievements of NS Germany.

  • Social and economic achievements of NS Germany.

  • Is there such a thing as “Hitlerism”? If so, what is it? And how does it differ from both Aryanism and National Socialism?

  • Hitler and others of the time spoke frequently of the importance of “blood”, meaning roughly, race or ethnicity. Given that we do not use such terminology today, and in light of modern genetics, how might one interpret these ideas of “blood”?

  • A nominal “core” of National Socialism: Does one exist? What is it?

  • The Jewish Question: What was the true meaning of this?

  • Consequential and innovative ideas in the thinking of leading NS intellectuals, such as Joseph Goebbels and Alfred Rosenberg.

Other topics are of course welcome, provided they conform with the general theme of the book.


  1. To produce a book of high-quality writings—well-researched but lively—on the above issues.

  2. To bring truth and insight to a topic drowning in falsehood and slander.

  3. To inspire future thinkers and leaders.

  4. To bring in and develop new voices and younger activist/scholars.

  5. To give an outlet for women contributors, who have often been dismissed or sidelined in present-day “dissident right” or “alt-right” discussions.

Goal: We hope to collect 15 to 20 high-quality, well-researched essays to serve as chapters in this book. Writings must be new or significant modifications to previously published on-line essays.

Specific Details:

  • Prospective contributors may submit an original essay of 5,000 to 10,000 words in length, electronically, as a Word file. (Word count applies to main body text, not notes or bibliography).

  • All sources should be identified, using proper academic footnoting. Use in-text citations—e.g. (Dalton 2018: 86-88)—to minimize notes. Use footnotes rather than endnotes. Cite all sources and quotations, but otherwise keep both length and number of notes to a minimum.

  • Include a bibliography at the end of the submission.

  • All references to Mein Kampf must use the new Dalton translation. References to Hitler and Goebbels on Jewish matters should likewise cite Dalton’s Hitler on the Jews or Goebbels on the Jews.

  • The use of pejorative terms like ‘Nazi’ and ‘neo-Nazi’ should be avoided wherever possible, unless required by the context.

Prospective contributors must initially submit (1) a working title, (2) an abstract of the essay (less than 250 words), and (3) a short biography, including publishing history.

  • Note: We will allow writers to use pseudonyms, but they must be “real” names, not Twitter handles or cartoon avatars.

  • ABSTRACTS AND WORKING TITLES ARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED. Send by email to: [email protected]

  • Final papers due date: 15 June 2021. Earlier submissions are appreciated.

  • All submissions must be emailed to: [email protected]

Honoraria: As an incentive, we will provide a $400 honorarium for each accepted essay. But we are unable to award any royalties on sales to contributors, unfortunately.

Thank you for your consideration and prospective involvement in this important new publication!

* * * * * *

Questions or other queries can be directed to the editor, Thomas Dalton: [email protected]


Truly a great idea : I'll certainly look fwd to reading it.
PS : Carolyn - thanks for a great site, with a lot of resources. I also read your comments at Counter-currents and TOO. Keep it up, it IS  important, and all of our efforts (even when they don't seem to impact) do make a difference.

Thanks Heimdall. I don't write comments at Counter-Currents but I do comment on certain articles (related to the above topic) at Unz Review. IMO, this simple comment from you is important, too, and makes a difference! Every little thing we do, as it turns out. We do need to stand strong together.

Hello Carolyn,
This is a little off topic, so please forgive me. I have a couple of concerns about CC's methods and staffing: one is based on a comment of yours I recently came across, where you stated Greg Johnson had banned you personally from making comments at his site; the other concern is around comments, from several other sources, describing the homosexual slant at CC. I cannot recall this source, but it called CC "fag central". But of the two, my biggest grievance with CC is around the selective censoring, I am losing faith in CC because of this.
On topic, I look forward to Dr. Dalton’s book project getting published. I think this is a great idea.
Thanks for listening.

Counter-Currents is definitely a homosexual-oriented site, and Greg Johnson is definitely homosexual. It was my pointing that out so often that got me banned from the site, and then eventually I was even blocked from accessing it at all. I am no longer blocked and can now read it if I wish, but I hardly think to do so. It has never had content that I most readily relate to.

As to G.J.'s censoring of comments, I can't object to that because I don't allow all comments I receive to be published here. I think his censorship is more arbitrary than mine, however.

Keep spreading the book news and call for essay contributions!

What does TOO stand for? Thanks!

Duh! but of course, thanks Carolyn!

I love this idea and I can't wait to read the book.  I hope it can be dedicated to Ernst Zundel who sacrificed so much for his people, the truth and Germany. 

Great project, already sent some writings.

So important, so needed! I will spread this good news.

Thank you! Please do. We don't want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to utilize this platform. We want the best of the best.

I cannot wait for the (((endless kvetching))) to ensue

I wish you good luck with this.
I am no fan of Hitler, but there are many good causes, in explaining and follow up thoughts, in this respect.

Very much appreciated.

I am looking forward to this book. It reminded me that I had a project of searching your site for information about the euthanasia program, which I have just done. I do hope this matter can be addressed well in the forthcoming book. Especially among Christians the other side of the story is never heard.

I concur that it's very important to get the truth of this program out; it's one of my pet topics because it's so misrepresented. As I understand it, someone has indicated they want to write about Eugenics & National Socialism. It's a big topic that could be tackled by more than one writer; certainly just NS euthanasia could/should be an essay of it own in order to properly distinguish between the two E's -- eugenics and euthanasia. They shouldn't be lumped together, which they usually are. Maybe you should attempt to do it yourself, Catherine?

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