Women and National Socialism

by Carolyn Yeager, May 2007

copyright Carolyn Yeager 2007

Our modern, consumerist society has cleverly given the impression that National Socialism is antithetical to the interests of women. Women who have bought into the feminist beliefs that their freedom, their equal opportunity and their salary must be their first considerations, will look upon those who say a woman’s highest and finest role is that of wife and mother with suspicion – or even more likely (and sadly), downright revulsion. Haven’t we come a long way, baby … from that?!

White women choosing not to have children is now commonplace. Often the stated reason is “I don’t want to bring more children into such an unstable (or unpleasant, or overcrowded) world.” Or, “I’m not ready; I want to enjoy myself, or establish myself in a career first.” Is this really what Aryan women want … to cease reproducing their own kind until their own kind ceases to exist? 

These women are clearly not thinking with their natural mind; something foreign has wormed its way into their brains. It’s similar to what was taking place in Germany after WW1. Confused thinking brought on by foreign control of their nation and the defeat of 1918, along with terrible economic conditions that put men chronically out of work, had by 1933 reduced the birthrate of women of child-bearing age to 58 out of 1000, less than half what it had been in 1910. For this reason, increasing the birthrate was tantamount to saving the German race itself! Extinction had become a real possibility.

When Adolf Hitler was elected and installed as Chancellor in 1933, he began to implement the program of the NSDAP, the National Socialist German Labor Party. Among the highest priorities were to put all men back to work and to increase the birthrate. Both were accomplished by re-instituting the traditional roles of men and women. Within the next 10 years, most women were won over to National Socialism, content to do their part in the great national resurgence.

How does this apply to the women of America as we stand at the beginning of the 21st Century? Can we believe that National Socialism offers us something positive too? The answer is yes, there are many advantages National Socialism gives women over other ways of organization.

The first concern that women have is their status. Do they become second-class citizens in a male-dominated National Socialist state? Definitely not. National Socialism is based on traditional values, just as volkish paganism and Traditional Christianity. A National Socialist nation is built on the foundation of the family. At the center of the family are children. Children raised in a family learn what it is to be part of a family, including an extended family. From that, they understand they’re part of an even larger unit, a racially homogeneous national family. The woman not only bears the children, but takes on the primary task of raising and teaching them to be healthy and productive members of the nation. In a National Socialist society, there is no higher calling than that of mother. Mothers are honored.

National Socialism provides an array of resources to prepare young women for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth, and to instruct them in the most enlightened child-care practices for the optimum health and well-being of both themselves and their children. And as a “green” philosophy, National Socialism places the health of its parks and rivers as high as that of it’s mothers and children.

Another concern today’s women have is their freedom to make personal choices and set their own direction in life. Women want the same freedom that they believe men have enjoyed throughout most of history. But there are consequences to this type of equality of men and women.

The modern right to work means the burden of supporting oneself. Control over one’s own body may mean the “right” of abortion, but it also means the right of either party to dissolve a marriage because they are unhappy, and the resulting constant legal battles to demand payment from the economically stronger partner, as well as misery for the children who are often shuttled between homes.

In contrast to this, National Socialism encourages a more traditional role for women, allowing them to remain at home as wives and mothers. In no way, however, do women have less legal rights than men. Both men and women have duties and responsibilities; the difference is they have those that are appropriate for their gender.

Speaking at the opening of a women’s exhibition in Berlin in 1933, Dr. Joseph Goebbels assured the women it would be “crazy” to think of driving them from public life, professions, work and bread winning, but there were two areas that must remain for men alone: politics and the military.

National Socialism is not blind, and recognizes that women are creative, intelligent, capable contributors to the common good, and individual talents should be recognized and utilized, especially of those who cannot bear children or who are past child-bearing age.

For women concerned with the quality of personal relationship, Goebbels got to the heart of the matter when he said: “Looking back over the past years of Germany’s decline, we come to the frightening, nearly terrifying, conclusion that the less German men were willing to act as men in public life, the more women succumbed to the temptation to fill the role of the man. The feminization of men always leads to the masculinization of women.”

When we look around at our society today, with growing numbers of ever bolder gays and lesbians, we see this unnatural lifestyle Goebbels describes modeled for our schoolchildren as normal and natural. We see our women serving in the military and police and fire departments; we see our men becoming nurses and child-care workers. Rather than resist this trend, too many of us try to accommodate it.

A National Socialist party has to build men. Hitler once said in a speech to women, “As long as we have sound men – and we National Socialists will see to that – there will be no women throwing hand grenades in Germany.” A “sound man” was then and is still today described as virtuous, steadfast, hard, and determined. Determined because men are required to defend and protect their nation. Hard because they must go up against the organized thuggery that is unleashed onto our streets by Jews and their leftist collaborators seeking to destroy us. Steadfast because their children depend on them; and virtuous because that has always been the nature of Aryan peoples.

Virtue gives qualities such as bravery, loyalty, honesty, cleanliness, trustworthiness, and respect for life and innocence. Assuredly, men who do not have or strive for all these qualities are not true National Socialist men, no matter if they wear a uniform or wave a swastika.

It isn’t only women who are asked to put the group as a whole before the individual self, for even greater sacrifice is asked of our men. What woman prefers a coward who buckles to an alien system for temporary safety or benefits, to a partner who is willing to stand and fight for the values and continuing existence of his race?

In the end, the greatest appeal of National Socialism to a woman may be that it gives her an heroic National Socialist man as a partner. It is the honor with which they regard each other that can raise their relationship to a true marriage made in Heaven, or Valhalla. And what more can a woman ask?


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